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داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP

داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
داش كام 70mai M500 1944HP
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70mai Dash Cam M500 1944P 170FOV 70mai M500 Car DVR Camera Recorder Built-in GPS ADAS 24H Parking Monitor eMMC built-in Storage


Note: The 70mai Hardwire Kit UP03 and 70mai TPMS Sensor T04 are sold separately.

Any questions, please contact us through Chat System.


Product Model: 70mai Dash Cam M500
Video Resolution: 2592*1944P
Camera FOV: 170°
Camera Lens/Aperture: 3G3P/F2.0
Framerate: 30FPS
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Image Sensor: OS05A10
Processor: NT96580



Our Widest FOV Dash Cam


Equipped with the 170° extra wide FOV, the dash cam M500 gives you a wider viewing angle and minimizes blind spot, which can better capture actions on both sides of your car.



Image quality, leveled up now


The 5-megapixel camera of the dash cam M500 records in 2592x1944P, which is 2.5 times clearer than 1080P HD.



HDR Empowered Night Vision


Equipped with the HDR(High Dynamic Range) technology, the 70mai dash cam M500 can capture details including road signs and car plates under any lighting conditions. The HDR helps M500 to automatically adjust exposure under different lighting conditions, producing well-illuminated images wherever you go.


24H Fully-functioned Parking Monitoring


The 70mai dash cam M500 reidentifies the feature of 24H Parking Monitoring by enabling loop recording, emergency recording, and time-lapse recording. With the built-in G-sensor, the dash cam M500 can detect sudden shakes or collisions and notifies you with the voice alert when you get back to the vehicle and turn on the dash cam. No worry about any evidential moments being lost, the new recordings on M500 can automatically overwrite older ones when the memory card reaches full capacity (Emergency videos will not be overwritten).

Moreover, the new 70mai Dash Cam M500 supports time-lapse recording, which enables can compress 30 minutes of footage into one minute, enabling long-period continuous recording that takes up 1/30 the storage space as in the regular recording.

eMMC built-in storage


The 70mai Dash Cam M500 equipped with eMMC built-in storage supports 32GB/64GB/128GB storage. With the high-level write speed (110-150MB/s) and read speed (220-230 MB/s), the M500 can provide stable performance by preventing frame-skipping or reading errors. The eMMC built-in storage can longer lifespan and minimize the risks of SD/TF card purchasing.



Promoted Positioning Accuracy with built-in GPS&GLONASS


By receiving signals from both GPS and GLONASS satellites, the M500's positioning system offers enhanced data accuracy and connection stability. You can access the real-time trip data including speed and coordinates, and be able to pinpoint the exact location of an accident one should occur.

(Kind Reminder: All customer data are only saved locally. 70mai will not breach your data or private information for business purposes or any other intentions.)

Expanded ADAS Features


To further safety your trip, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 comes with expanded ADAS to detect your surroundings and warns you of potential safety risks through real-time voice alerts. The M500 now supports four ADAS alerts including lane departure, forward collision, moving traffic, and pedestrian collision. For the new-added 'Pedestrian Collision Alert', its AI algorithm enables quick and accurate detection of both pedestrians and cyclists on the same lane ahead of you and gives you timely warnings to prevent accidents.

Explore your M500 via 70mai App


The dash cam M500 provides a more stable connection by using both the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to connect with your phone. After the initial setup, you can auto-connect to the M500 without repeatedly entering the Wi-Fi password. Once the connection has been successfully set up, you can easily view, access, and download footage without using cell data and manage settings such as Recording Duration (1min/2min/3min), G-Sensor Sensitivity(high/low/off), Auto OFF after Car Shuts Off (5min/10min/20min/ever), etc.English Voice Control


70mai Dash Cam M500 enables you to use voice control to take pictures and record video, enjoy a hands-free driving experience in a safe way.



70mai Hardwire Kit UP03 (For 70mai Dash Cam M500 ONLY)


Equipped with the 70mai Hardwire Kit UP03, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 enables the time-lapse recording, which allows the dash cam M500 to achieve fully-functioned 24H Parking Monitoring by compressing 30 minutes of footage into one minute to maximize the efficiency of storage use.

*The 70mai Hardwire Kit UP03 is sold separately.



Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring


As the industry-leading dash cam, the M500 can work as a tire monitoring unit. It directly receives Bluetooth signals from TPMS sensors and will give you voice alerts when abnormal tire pressure/temperature is detected. To help you prevent potential safety problems, you can view and monitor the real-time tire-pressure data of your vehicle on the 70mai App.

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